The Cultural Imperative

I sincerely believe that Canadians are entering a very critical hour in regards to their emergence as a nation among nations. Though there appear to be signs of good days ahead, I still carry deep concerns as to the prevailing values that govern our future.

Many believe that the Church has been asleep while values and principles have slowly crept into some of the highest places of governance in the nation. Some believe the Church has suffered from a spiritual stupor that has left them politically impotent and, according to the polls, basically irrelevant to Canada’s future.

I believe that stupor has been caused by a faulty theology preached from Canadian pulpits. Generations of Christians have been put to sleep in the pew by those who have bought into an impotent gospel.

Many Christians have acted as though “separation of Church and state” really meant the “separation of righteousness and nation.” The early Confederation Fathers believed that Biblical principles formed the foundation for righteousness in the nation. Separate a people from God’s righteousness, and a nation loses perspective on justice.

Many Christians have acted as though “political institutions, processes and parties were evil in and of themselves,” when, in reality, the evil resides in men, and therefore, needs to be erased with the power of public veto, the vote of its citizenry.

Many Christians have acted as though “Canada’s future is decided by the majority,” when, in reality, on average 16.5% of its voters select and elect its future leadership. Think about it carefully: one controls the future of six in our country.

Many Christians have acted as though “whatever is legal must be moral” when, in reality, the only good law worth obeying is a godly law! Henry David Thoreau said, “It is not so desirable to cultivate a respect for the law so much as for the right!”

National government is legitimate. Power may corrupt people but it does not mean that power itself is corrupt. God is the Source and Originating point for the release of the principle of authority in the earth. His authority works through people who empower institutions which rule and govern (Rom 13:1). We need to pray for all in authority.

Society is shaped by ideas, both for good and evil. Ideas become philosophies that develop mind sets or strongholds in a nation.

People in leadership form society by creating structures, laws and programs which influence the way people live. This is what we call government, and our vote empowers leaders to create a government after their own values and convictions.

There are those who say that faith and politics should not mix. However, John Calvin called political involvement by the Church “the cultural imperative,” meaning that Christians are responsible to work for righteousness in government. He considered it a crime against the state for moral men not to stand up for righteousness.

Laws are not neutral. Morality is legislated. Every law is built on a view of life. He believed that to avoid the political process does not add to one’s holiness, it impeded the force of righteousness from lighting the way for a nation.

Who knows if we are not heading toward the emergence of righteousness as a force for change in our nation? Who knows if a radically righteous breed of politicians will not be invited to lead the nation Canada will become tomorrow? What is critical is that the Church wakes up from its spiritual slumber!