A Word about National Elections

“God-devotion makes a country strong; God-avoidance leaves people weak” (Pr 14:34, The Message). Statements like this cause me to want to read the Bible! Why? Because it speaks the truth I believe in my heart.

I am convinced that a ruling political leadership, through their integrity and righteousness, creates a safe place for people to raise their children, or, they, through their sin – their law of God breaking – create a reproach that diminish and shame a nation.

When it comes to elections time so many Canadians make the entire process an issue of personality when, in reality, it goes much deeper. Elections have to do with philosophical, and thus, moral and spiritual differences. It is at election time that I feel so strongly that Canada is weighed in the balance: generally, Canadians are weighed in the balance; but more specifically, the Canadian Church and Christians are weighed in the balance!

Elections tend to be historic pivot points. They tend to be hinges for the doors of destiny to swing upon. They are a quick look into the soul and conscience of a nation. They expose the roots of real belief systems and what Canadians truly value.

As Henry Thoreau, the civil libertarian stated, “…a man has not everything to do, but something; and because he cannot do everything, it is necessary that he not adopt the attitude that he can do nothing…Cast your whole vote entirely, not a strip of paper merely, but cast your whole influence.”

Every four years Canadians, all across our beloved country, come together and leave their legacy. The next four years empower leaders to live out the beliefs, values and ultimately, the national destiny entrusted to their creation. A Prime Minister is selected, a party appointed, and a national vision is affirmed by the populace. We could wind up living someone’s dream or entering their nightmare.

Election time, like no other time, touches us where few want to be touched: it touches the place of personal responsibility. We (corporately) get the kind of leaders we empower to lead us through our vote, and incredibly, we will get the kind of leaders we deserve. We are ultimately personally responsible for our choices.

Incredibly, fewer people are showing up at the polls. And, what concerns me most is the lethargic attitude existing in the younger generation, many of whom have still to cast their first vote. On top of that, less and less Christians are moving themselves from the couch to the booth.

I personally believe that voting – getting involved in the political process – is a moral obligation. It is a Christian responsibility. Our “yes” must be “yes, and our “no” be “no.” It’s time to stand up or stand aside.

Bob Dylan wrote a song, “When You Going To Wake Up,” from his album, Slow Train Coming. The verses speak authoritatively to our society’s situation today: “Adulterers in churches and pornography in the schools. You got gangsters in power and lawbreakers making rules. When you going to wake up, when you going to wake up, when you going to wake up and strengthen the things that remain?”

Consider this to be a wake up call. Don’t turn over and hit the snooze button. You will have generations to answer to if you don’t wake up, get up, and get out to vote.


Castanet Article
Thursday, November 9th, 2007
Oh! Canada! Column