No Nice Way To Say It!

There has seldom been a time in my life when I could not “stand up for Canada.” I have always been proud to be Canadian, and attempted to represent our country honorably when traveling abroad.

However, this is not one of those days that I can say that. I can honestly say that I am ashamed (and a little angry) by the most recent announcement out of Ottawa, the awarding of the Order of Canada to the abortionist Dr. Henry Mortgentaler.

This decision will go down in infamy, and will discredit our nation for generations. The awarding of this Order to this man is a shameful, criminal and outrageous act. The fact that it was affirmed by our nation’s Chief Justice adds to my angst. This is blight on Canada’s future, and an offense to close to 9 million Canadians who stand strongly against abortion.

Say what you want about the Order of Canada (and much will be said now), this award is the centerpiece of our nation’s honor system. It “recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation,” those who have enriched the lives of others and made a difference.

The motto of the Order of Canada is “desiderantes meliorem patriam,” meaning “they desire a better country,” quoting from the Bible. Well, one has to ask, “Is Canada better off today because of Mortgentaler?” Unfortunately, close to three million Canadians will never be able to answer that question, half of them women who would be alive today had it not been for Mortgentaler’s “dedication and service to the nation.”

The honoring of Mortgentaler as a “great Canadian,” some “national hero” (according to Catherine Dunphy, author of Mongentaler: A Difficult Hero) devalues, degrades and dishonors the entire concept of citizenship.

When are Canadians going to stand up and do something to confront this farce and public reproach? This award creates a new value in killing innocent life by honoring what Marlon Bartram, Executive Director of Kelowna Right to Life, calls the “worst mass murderer in Canadian history.”

When a nation calls “evil good” and “good evil,” it has to be addressed. How can one, in good conscience, honor a man who has caused such loss of life and affected the destiny of a generation? How long is this travesty going to be allowed to continue? There is no protection for our most vulnerable citizens-to-be, the unborn.

When an individual does evil, his soul is contaminated by his sin. When a man sheds innocent blood, he is guilty of bloodguiltiness, and God will be his Judge. When a nation honors this bloody slaughter of innocents, it has tragically lost its moral bearings, and will be judged.

When Cain killed his brother Abel the Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground. Now you are under a curse…”

The blood of a generation is crying out from Canadian soil and has the attention of Heaven. The nation of Canada will come under a curse, or God will have to apologize to Cain.

Canada must repent for that curse to be lifted. Repentance requires a complete turning around, recognizing of sin, and restitution for its failure to protect innocent life. Maybe then it can find forgiveness and mercy for what leadership has allowed.

The feminist activist Judy Rebick has boldly stated that “…the abortion debate is over in this country, the pro-choice side won, and Dr. Morgentaler was a big part of that victory.” In other words, “get over it.”

Let me assure you Judy that there is another Judge who will make His ruling one day. It’s not over – and it never will be over – until He has spoken. Believe me – He will have the last and final word on this.

In the meantime, we must work for this award’s revocation. Only then can the nation start to cleanse its own soul.