Canada – Facing Moral Dilemmas

Life is full of moral dilemmas. For those with a strong moral constitution – a defined and reasoned sense of right and wrong, a healthy conscience – moral decisions are clear and moderately quick. For those with a weak moral constitution – a relative sense of right and wrong, a compromised conscience – moral decisions are much more complex and longer to arrive at.

For some people their life is determined by convictions arrived at through deep soul-searching, through faith, and through the force of reason. It keeps them strong in the time of crisis. For others their life is a montage of preferences superficially adhered to, and easily yielded when challenged by their peers, public opinion, or times of crisis.

Every person faces moral dilemmas, situations that challenge their belief systems and values, and require them to make a choice between options that are or seem equally unfavourable or mutually exclusive. In the face of a moral dilemma, one may, at times, have to make a decision or take a position that puts them in opposition to others.

We used to be called a Christian nation. The Muslim community seem to think we still are – and actually encourage us to remain so – but, the reality is this: Canada has become a secular, humanistic, godless, Biblically illiterate society. In many ways, I feel the nation has lost its way.

The moral goal posts have been moved, and we now play the game of Canadian life without a rule book, sidelines, or referees. “Anything goes” might as well be the rule book. “No out of bounds” might as well be the sidelines. “Everyone is right and there are no consequences” might as well be the referees.

As a person of faith, a Christian, a citizen of Canada, I find myself increasingly and conscientiously challenged trying to live out my convictions. You want examples? There are plenty!

How about the right to choose and promote life instead of abortion?

How about the right as a parent to discipline my children and teach them consequence, so they do not grow up to be like some of the CEOs that ran our financial institutions into the ground and kept producing gas guzzlers that placed our society at risk.

How about the right of parents to determine the kind of sexual education their children receive, and whether or not the boys should be given free condoms or the girls HPV Vaccinations? Please tell me that educators and health officials are not implying that STDs are the only real danger of premarital sex. What about teaching chastity? What are we really saying to our youth by enforcing this?

I could go on….

My country, which historically celebrated and protected my faith, now constantly places me in a position where I have to defend myself (as well as pay the bill to do so, while the Human Rights Commissions fund those who would oppose my rights).

For the Christian three factors dethrone every other authority: God Himself, the scriptures, and conscience. As I see it, Canada is slowly devolving into a godless society, quickly undermining the authority of the Ten Commandments in its legal system, and increasingly forcing people to yield their personal conscience to individual rights.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for those facing moral dilemmas. Unfortunately, the stress between honouring God and nation is reaching a tipping point.