Canada – Autoimmune Challenged?

Autoimmune disease is fast becoming a serious medical problem in our Canadian society today. There are more than 80 different types of disorders that are attacking a broad spectrum of our nation’s population. Anyone who has faced this disease knows the terrible impact it can have on an individual’s health.

Every person is born with an immune system that protects us from disease and infection. However, if you contract an autoimmune disease, your immune system can be affected and wind up attacking itself by mistake. Our family has personally faced the devastating effects of this disease.

Autoimmune diseases mostly affect connective tissue in your body (the joints and bands which bind our body parts together). Sometimes they can lay dormant a long time, but with enough stress, they can quickly flare up. When they do, they attack healthy body parts rather than dealing with the real physical threat.

I am not a medical doctor, so I am not qualified to give a diagnostic on the health status of a patient. However, I do feel I have my finger on the pulse of what is happening in the nation socially, morally and spiritually. I am listening to our heart beat, and my sense is that the corporate body, the nation of Canada, is sick with an autoimmune disease.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, there is something wrong with our corporate conscience. We are becoming more and more vulnerable to moral sickness and disease. Our immune system has weakened, and an insidious attack is going on against good, healthy organs.

Medical researchers state that with autoimmune diseases, the gene is passed on from family to family. If this generation of Canadians does not do its due diligence on its moral state, it too may pass on this faulty gene to future Canadians. The time to search for healing is now, before the body of Canada is too weakened to fight off moral sickness.

Do we really think that the answer to abortion is to fight those who would argue for another’s person’s right to live? Do we really believe that those who want the age of consent raised, so that our kids are protected against sexual predators, are the enemy?

Do we really feel that those who spank their children, to protect them from themselves and to build within them a culture of respect for authority, are the problem? Is not the real issue the lack of discipline that is manifesting throughout our entire culture?

Do we really believe that when Maclean’s magazine was hauled before our nation’s Human Rights Commission for publishing materials that warned about the emergence of radical Islam, that they somehow became the “terrorists?” Isn’t the real issue here the suppression of free speech?

No, the civil war going on in Canada right now, and the reaction to sensible debate, is simply an evidence that Canada is turning in on itself, and fighting friends rather than the real enemy – ie. bad ideas, immoral values, loss of conscience. Like an autoimmune disease, Canada is addressing the issues by attacking members in its corporate body that exist to bring it to health.

When we were kids we were given vaccinations. When I travel globally I often have to take vaccination shots to protect me from certain diseases known to be affecting the citizens in that area of the world. Immunization is intended to fortify my body to fight foreign agents of sickness.

Immunologists state that when the human immune system is exposed to molecules that are foreign to the body (non-self), it will orchestrate an immune response. However, it can also develop the ability to quickly respond to a subsequent encounter (through immunological memory).

What Canada needs right now is healing – the healing of its soul, the awakening of its conscience, and the restoration of a godly ethical immune system. We have lost our immediate recognition of mortal danger, and our capacity to respond quickly to moral threat is hanging in the balance.